• Back pain treatment
  • Suthika Paricharanam
  • Weight loss treatment and Weight gain treatment
  • Stress reliving treatment
  • Rejuvenation and Detoxification
  • Special Kalari massage (only for gents)
  • Diabetes

  • Special treatments for post delivery mothers includes vaginal wash with herbal medicated water to protect reproductive organs from further infections and make them firm and strong internally, massages and Kizhi to re-firm the muscles, improving skin tone and complexion, reducing extra fat and enhancing breast milk. Muscle toning and breast re-firming massages after child birth or long illness are also done here.

    During the treatment process, the cleansing happens at the physical as well as mental levels. Emotions may surface, allow them to come up and flow out but do not suppress them, instead mindfully observe what is happening to you. We are always there to help you and serve you with the best of our ability and efforts.

News & events
05 Jun
We are happy to annouce the oppening of our dedicated branch for Hilite Metromax Which will be functioning from 26th Aug 2013.
05 Jun
Medical researches prove that above 90% people are suffering from back pain or related