Our satisfied clients after the treatment

Mrs.Leena Manoj
w/o.K.M Manoj
INCS Kochi
"I had been suffering from back pain for the last two years. I got admitted in Shree Chakra for the treatment. I have undergone three courses of treatment. Even after the first course I felt tremendous relief from my illness. After completing the three courses now I felt completely relieved. One thing i should undoubtly say is that the treatment and the attention by staff was fantastic. I am thankful to Muralidharan Gurukkal for helping me to overcome this difficult situation."
Kolathur Kunnath (House)
Melamuri (PO)
"I had undergone a 10 days treatment is Sree Chakra Ayurveda Hospital from 4th - 14th Jan 12. After that I had been taking rest at home. My illness was that the discs L3, L4 & L5 were protruding inside and was also feeling weakness of leg. Surgery was the only option left. After that I came for treatment in this hospital and am now feeling good relief."
Mr. Deb Ranjan Mathur
West Hill Barreck

"This hospital is a very good for back pain and any other pain. They treat the patient carefully . During the stay of my wife there was no problems. Overall everything was very good."

T. A MIni
Muthedath House
"I was very relieved from disc joint pain after getting treatment from here. Now there is a marked difference and have reduced the dose of medicines."
Suresh. H
7A Skyline Palace Heights
Kottaram Road

"It was a great experience to come here with 104 kg weight and get it reduced. Had severe muscle catch and cramps.The first week was a bit tough with the new regimen of diet, exercise and massaging. After a week things started changing for the better. Now after one month of treatment i am totally relieved of my cramps catch problem. And as bonus I lost 14 Kg and am now 90 Kg. starting a new life. Thank you Murali Bhai, Chandrettan & Co. Wish you all good luck."

Abdul Haseeb
Kandiyil House
R.E.C Po
 "Shree Chakra treating method is good"
Mujeeb M.K
M.K House

"I was admitted here 01/ 06 /2012 with disc prolapse and back pain .I completed 19 days treatment and I feel a better relief for my pain. It was a great experience with Mr. Murali Gurukkal. I hope this hospital will be a speciality treatment centre for back pain."

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05 Jun
We are happy to annouce the oppening of our dedicated branch for Hilite Metromax Which will be functioning from 26th Aug 2013.
05 Jun
Medical researches prove that above 90% people are suffering from back pain or related