Suthika paricharanam


Sreechakra has launched a traditional package, wherein we take care of the mother and child (Suthika Paricharanam) for women and child after childbirth. We have introduced a home package, wherein the mother follows the instructions and treatment as envisaged by our specialists, 3 days after delivery. Special treatment package is made available for mothers who have undergone Caesarean method of Child birth. A special Medical Kit with treatment modified to be done at home is provided for both normal childbirth mothers and Caesarean childbirth mothers.

Special care for the new born baby is also given in this package. A separate team of Women Therapists who are specially trained to massage new born babies take exceptional care of the babies. Baby massage is different from regular massage. Babies are treated to special oils & herbs and are handled delicately. This ensures proper blood circulation, builds muscles strength & help in building sense and nervous system. The goal of the baby massage is to promote and maintain health, while alleviating and healing illnesses as may arise. Its benefits include improvement of the immune system and co-ordination skills, reduction in gassiness, stronger muscles, promotion of development in pre-term infants, tones skin and tissue, improves sleep and digestion and much more.

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05 Jun
We are happy to annouce the oppening of our dedicated branch for Hilite Metromax Which will be functioning from 26th Aug 2013.
05 Jun
Medical researches prove that above 90% people are suffering from back pain or related